About me

How's it going everyone? First and foremost, I wanted to let everyone know I didn't want a normal "about me" in a third person. After reading through other photographer/media creators bios, I decided to connect with everyone on a more personable level. 

If you don't already know, I am a business student attending The University of Arizona in Tucson. I have a passion for creative marketing, business, and entrepreneurship, which I hope to further my skills in all fields before joining the professional world in a few years.

By being born and raised in San Diego, it really sparked my interest in ocean photography at a young age. When I was 10 I picked up my first camera and haven't really looked back since. Most of my high schools years revolved around dirt biking videos and photos, since then I've branched off into more nature and lifestyle based media.  I find photography and media production to be the most relaxing and enjoyable hobby in my life... there is something so satisfying about seeing an aerial picture come out spectacular or the end results of a video after endless hours of work have been put into it. 

My life is all about the fun you fill your free time with. By being able to balance fun and studies while still enjoying life and getting out to shoot, I think it will allow me to balance a happy life and work in the future. With my first semester of senior year kicking off, I am actively looking and applying for creative marketing jobs around the world in hopes of entering that realm of work after I graduate.