A Week in Croatia with my Dad... What A WEEK

This entire summer my dad and I have been in contact to figure out a week he could come out and see Prague and then head somewhere in Europe. We looked at all of our options and places we both haven't been, and Croatia was ultimately decided.

He came in Friday the 31st and I showed him what I thought he should see in Prague all day Saturday. From there we left Sunday to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We landed in Croatia with half a day left to start our week, and oh what a fun filled week it was!  

Our first stay was directly on the water... about a 15 minute bus ride from the city of Dubrovnik 

The castles and castle walls of Dubrovnik blew my mind... Never seen anything like it

The first night we walked the castle and explored the inside of the castle walls, which have all been turned into shops, restaurants, bars, museums, and housing. All I could imagine was how this place was when it was a kingdom and taking on intruders. It had a full moat and everything a castle would have. 

Golden hour lighting up a small part of the castle

Shiny cobblestone streets, tourists, and human statues all common around Dubrovnik 

I thought it was really cool that locals kids sat in their windows in the evenings and just watched people dancing in the square and enjoying the liveliness of everything around them. 

Just outside the castle walls off the coast a bit this island stuck out like a sore thumb... changed up the entire coastline view 

So many different views, a constant change of scenery every direction you look

Look at the person for a sense of scale

20 second long exposure shot looking towards the houses of Dubrovnik 

This was shot from a night time ciffside beer bar... if you look close to the top you'll see a shooting star


Dubrovnik to Split

via Bosnia and Herzegovina

We drove just over three hours crossing through Bosnia which was a super scenic route and added a new stamp to the passport. Which is something that never disappoints me as I want my passport filled up as much as possible this summer! 

As we drove through Bosnia we left the coast for a bit and the scenery chnaged to green farmland spanning as far as the eye could see 

Welcome to Split

I didn't carry my camera around Split much as we were going in and out of the water and it was super touristy. I was warned not to set anything down while swimming or in busy areas as people will grab bags. The last thing I would want to happen this summer is lose my camera! I still have another month in Europe!!

Blue Lagoon, Croatia

We did a day trip to the Blue Lagoon to snorkel and enjoy the warm water and even warmer weather. The Adriatic Sea was definitely the saltiest water i've swam in but also the bluest and cleanest. 

Krka National Park

Saw some locals jumping from below the bridge and asked it they ever do it off the road... from there I hit the road jump and that was some fun to say the least. 

Hram Svetog Spiridona Church, Skradin, Crostia. Just a few minutes up the road from the bridge jump near Krka National Park

A trip to Croatia isn't a complete trip without climbing something. My dad shot this from the roof bar at our hotel. I think we calucated around 230 ft or so. 

High up looking at the city below me

Thank you, Dad, for an amazing week. I know you read these and will enjoy this one. See you in August. Argentina and Croatia in the same year together, great memories for life. 

Croatia= favorite place I've been in the world. I definitely recommend adding it in your bucket list, top 5. 

Prague rental cars are cheap... so Joe and all the roommates might do a weekend road trip this coming weekend. If that happens, some Switzerland might be in the next post.