In Canggu, Bali you could head down to the beach at any time and the most friendly dogs are running around playing with each other. It was only right to get down on their level, lay in the sand and snap some photos of them. 


NOTE: Photo will be oriented in the best possible direction based on the size you choose. Please ask questions if you have any about the photo layout. 

Bali Dawgs

  • Canvas comes printed on high-quality canvas and is ready to hang. 


    Acrylic gives a museum-like high-quality print that refracts direct light to create a stunning vibrancy and depth to all photos. Acrylic will turn an empty wall into a beautiful view. The print is ready to hang directly from the box.   


    Gloss Metal is printed and infused to a 3/64" thick aluminum panel with UV resistant ink that prevents fading. The print is ready to hang from the box.


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